Who or what is See Green?

See Green is the oversized beach umbrella that covers all of Courtenay Green's enterprises, from live performance to songwriting/scoring/lyric-writing to producing to engineering. See Green is mainly a person, but sometimes it's a band and sometimes it's an amorphous entity. No matter what See Green is, one thing is clear: "amorphous" is a fun word to write.

Ok, but who is Courtenay Green?

Courtenay is a songwriter, performing artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, audio engineer, and enthusiastic user of commas.

As an indie/pop artist, she has graced the stages of some pretty neat establishments, from Satellite, Hotel Café, and the Bootleg in LA to the Apple Store in San Francisco, the Middle East in Boston, Pianos in New York City, and SXSW in Austin. She's also written, arranged, co-produced and released several recordings, including her latest EPs, "Violet" and "Ultramarine." Songs from both have recently appeared on TV shows, including "The Real World" on MTV and "Mrs. Eastwood & Company" on E!.

A couple of years ago, Courtenay decided to branch out into other musical arenas. In 2010, serendipity landed her a gig writing commercials for the Bratz Dolls (MGA), and after having a blast, she decided to pursue more opportunities to wear different musical hats. Provided they were not fedoras. She went back to school for audio engineering at MI in Hollywood, and started applying her years of writing/performing/producing experience to everything from recording other bands to writing songs for other artists.

Which brings us to now. Whether you need someone to record/produce, someone to write songs for you or with you, a soundtrack for your film, lyrics for your music, a jingle for your ad, or musical accompaniment for your dancing ferret, Courtenay is here to help.

Super, but where did Courtenay come from?

Courtenay hails from a quiet hamlet just outside of Manhattan, where she spent a pleasant suburban childhood climbing trees, picking flowers, and being extremely short. Spurred on by her parents' excellent record collection and an inexplicable obsession with show tunes, she started playing piano around age 6. Guitar entered the picture a couple of years later, followed by the drums. Her first song, penned at age 13, was called "The World Ain't Got No Judge," and it was very, very bad.

Courtenay eventually went on to Princeton University, where she majored in anthropology, played drums in a nifty little band and worked on her songwriting. She relocated to New York after college, and after drumming in some more bands and holding some thoroughly mediocre office jobs, she moved to LA in 2006 to start performing her own material as a frontwoman and guitarist. She now lives and works in Silverlake.